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The firm handles civil jury trials in all Federal and State Courts of general jurisdiction in the District of Columbia and Maryland including Administrative Hearings in each jurisdiction.

Additionally, the firm has achieved significant accomplishments in the following Practice Areas.

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Administrative Agency and Hearing Appeals
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • EEOC and Offices of Human Rights
  • Motor Vehicles Administration
  • OSHA and MOSH
  • DoD Security Clearances
  • Maryland Board of Physician Quality Assurance
  • Maryland Health Claims Arbitration
  • Maryland Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation
  • Montgomery County and Prince Georges County Human Relations Commissions
  • Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities
Commercial Litigation
The Firm has represented clients in several areas of commercial litigation. The Firm handles matters involving
  • Commercial disputes among corporations,
  • Real estate brokers and agents,
  • Title companies,
  • Not-for-profit organizations,
  • Charter School,
  • Federal and state court for Civil Rico claims,
  • FLSA,
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act,
  • Commercial contracts disputes
Civil Trial Practice
The strength of Hickey & Gittins, LLC is its ability to provide clients with high level jury trial advocacy. Mr. Hickey is a member of the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel, a National Board of Directors Member to the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) and is recognized as achieving the highest level of attorney practice by Bests Recommended Insurance Attorneys. He has tried to verdict over 60 jury trials. He has consistently maintained the expectation of client outcome besting the settlement offer in defense cases over sixty-five percent of the time. The firm has taken to trial many serious injury and high dollar plaintiff’s cases with outcome to client satisfaction.
Condominium and Home Owners Association Litigation
For over twenty years, the attorneys of Hickey & Gittins, LLC represented condominium association, home owner associations an, cooperatives and management companies in all aspects of legal representation. The firm has represented Boards of Directors, individual homeowners, Council of Unit Owners, and managers in litigation. The firm regularly counsels and advises these non-profit entities on by-laws application, amendment and update. The firm has also represented these entities from initial development through transition from developer to unit owner control. A frequent area of legal advice and representation concerns construction repairs and claims which many times results in civil litigation.
Construction Law
Over the past twenty-five years the attorneys of Hickey & Gittins, LLC have represented small and large contractors, general contractors, sub-contractors and developers in civil litigation pertaining to the manner of commercial and residential construction. In addition, Mr. Hickey has represented these entities in civil lawsuits where plaintiffs have sought recovery of many damages for alleged personal injury not otherwise covered by workman’s compensation. The firm’s attorneys participate frequently in mediations involving multiple parties where global resolutions many times result. Mr. Hickey is also available to conduct mediations and is a skilled and trained construction mediator.
Discrimination and Civil Rights
One of the fastest growing areas of the law concerns claims of discrimination and violation of civil rights. Although most of the claims of discrimination arise in an employment relationship, the claims of Fair Housing violations, allegations of impartial treatment of minorities or women not involving a work related claim and 42 U.S.C. §1981 and §1983 claims of civil rights violations have increased in the past few years. Mr. Hickey has spoken on the subject of the application of the Fair Housing Act and its application to individuals and corporations. Hickey & Gittins, LLC has extensive experience in representing corporate and private clients in these areas.
Directors and Officers Liability
Hickey & Gittins, LLC is panel counsel for several insurance carriers who write D&O insurance. As panel counsel, the firm actively represents Directors and Officers on any and all allegations that may trigger a duty to defend. The firm’s rates are competitive in the market place and it provides a quality product at reasonable prices. In addition to being panel counsel, the firm regularly provides legal advice to corporations, officers and directors. In addition, the Firm negotiates contracts, construes indemnification clauses, and counsels clients on issues of indemnity, contribution, and third party liability.
Employment Law
A large practice area for the firm is the area of employment law. This is one of the fastest growing areas of law and the attorneys of Hickey & Gittins, LLC have been actively representing clients on issues pertaining to all aspects of employment law for over twenty years. Mr. Hickey has spoken at legal seminars on the issues that arise in the employment environment. In addition to wrongful discharge claims and employment discrimination claims, the firm actively represents clients and provides legal advice on issues of FLSA and the equivalent state statues, Fair Housing Act, Equal Pay issues, FLMA, ADA, ADEA, DCHRA (D.C. Code 1-2501) and development and application of corporate personnel manuals, handbooks and employment policies.
Insurance Defense
Hickey & Gittins, LLC has emerged from a long line of insurance defense firms practicing in the Maryland D.C. jurisdictions. Mr. Hickey was formerly with Donahue, Ehrmantraut & Montedonico, Montenico & Mason, Montedonico, Hamilton & Altman and Godwin & Hickey. Mr. Gittins was previously affiliated with the Law Offices of Joseph Cunningham. These firms were the premier firms in Maryland and D.C. practicing in the area of insurance defense. Over the past twenty-five years, these firm have developed concentration areas in which each has excelled. Hickey & Gittins, LLC is one that has naturally progressed in this legal field having enjoyed as clients multiple insurance carriers over the years. In addition to providing legal representation to insured covered by CGL, EPLI, D&O policies, the firm also renders coverage opinions and represents clients on coverage questions seeking Declaratory Judgment determinations. The firm’s rates are competitive and its attorneys provide a quality product at market reasonable prices. Mr. Hickey and Mr. Gittins are both active members of various local and national Insurance Defense organizations.
Medical Malpractice
The firm represents Plaintiffs and Defendant in both medical and dental malpractice cases. Mr. Hickey, while employed with Montedonico, Hamilton & Altman, actively represented physicians, hospitals and other health care providers for over fifteen years. Mr. Hickey also represents dentists, oral surgeons and dental facilities.

Currently, the firm represents both physicians and injured plaintiffs. The attorneys of Hickey & Gittins, LLC provide legal counsel to physicians who may be exposed to a limitation of their insurance coverage, physicians who seek guidance on the application of hospital by-laws and peer review investigations initiated by the local or state physician organizations.

Motor Tort Law and Liability
The firm actively represents both individual and corporate defendants and injured plaintiffs in automobile tort cases. The firm accepts only serious injury cases that arise in either the District of Columbia or Maryland. The firm also represents carriers in suits where the policy’s uninsured or underinsured clause is invoked as well on issues pertaining to the interpretation and application of automobile insurance policies.
Premises Liability
Hickey & Gittins, LLC represents clients who are commercial owners or developers of property where personal injuries result. The firm has represented malls, shopping centers, municipalities, condominiums, HOAs, mechanical contractors, security personnel, steam distribution contractors, motels and hotel owners and operators, garage owners and operators and elevator companies and contractors. The firm has litigated these cases in all courts in the District of Columbia, and in Maryland State and Federal courts.
Product Liability
For many years, Mr. Hickey acted as national coordinating attorney for product liability claims for a pharmaceutical corporation. Mr. Hickey has tried to verdict product liability law suits. The firm represents clients sued in multi-party product liability claims where allegations are made of injuries caused by asbestos and other products. Some of these cases involve claims being asserted of large scale injury to a class of plaintiffs. The firm also represents clients on cases involving the application of the "strict liability in tort doctrine".
Professional Liability
The firm has represented doctors, professors, engineers, accountants, and architects. The firm does not presently represent lawyers or other professionals at this time.
Security Clearance Appeals
Mr. Hickey is a former Special Agent of the FBI. He has represented clients who are or were former members of security agencies including FBI, Secret Service and ATF. Mr. Hickey has represented individuals before the DoD who have sought and have been denied U.S. security clearance or who have been advised security clearance status is being revoked.
White Collar Defense
Mr. Hickey is a former prosecutor and over the years has represented individuals charged with various criminal offenses that carry jail time. He has counseled and represented individuals under investigation by the federal government and Congress. He has represented individuals and family members on misdemeanor charges in both the District of Columbia, Maryland and on government reservations including airports.